Failing words

Growing up as a millennial generation and multi-lingual in a country where a diverse mixture of different languages and cultures prevail, I often felt disconnected from the history of my nation. My learning, language, and understanding of society and nation were always somehow in progress yet crutched, because of the experience of an overt bordering between the individual and the public. However, the intersection was made through the evidence of the trauma, the archive of the many deaths and the sacrificed, from those who were forgotten or underrepresented. ​For expressing the failure of language, I utilize and display the process of action revealing lingual nuance- quietness, body gesture, humming, echo, silence, murmur, incomplete grammar, and so on. Repeating breathing space or punctuational marks activates the meaning of the language instead. Visceral and penetrating sense becomes equally important as the opacity of object meaning.  

Body language is not reducible and the internalized memory is non-dimensional space in the body. For example, murmuring is a more internalized gesture than public speech. It is a quiet sound. Murmuring is difficult to summarize. It is understood as a way of speaking without confidence because it is quiet and understood as personal. What if it were not the personal murmuring? What would be like if people murmur in a group? What if people focus on the space between words and words? How do I participate in murmuring? How do I invite the looker to the ground letting them walk barefoot? How do I communicate in order to be understood?