My works pose on a ‘sense’ of belonging and record my desire to translate material and history into physical language. I look at my work in political languages and create it around the politics of aesthetics. Within and around the installation and sculpture, I often maximize traditional techniques' simple and repetitive movement in using the material, primarily clay. I highlight multiple starting points and spontaneous connections by expanding and repeating the minimal action. My work indicates the individual's mind-space, a socio-political representation location. I swim around internalizing the external memories and experiences and externalizing the internal as if I trans-language. I use clay, language, sound, and space to connect with the audience, activating physical communication. One thumbprint, one step of the audience, and the sound become the starting point where the work begins and changes. It is about the moment and the meeting point where I can communicate with others. I want my work to become a contemplative location for people who don't feel a sense of belonging or feel lost in the meaning of political representations and communities.