Minah Kim has moved from South Korea where her family and friends live, to the United States to meet many more other people from different cultures. She makes work about different ways of communication beyond the language, like body gesture or tone of voice. Memory of sound, voice, body language, space and time of conversation become tools for her artistic expression. For Minah, this communication is full of unsayable emotion because this emotion is a mixture of awe, anger, sadness, peace, hope, love, and waiting. So it is a very complicated feeling. 

In her work, there are sound and touchable things. Sound and touchable things are connected to her personal narrative. They are both body language, they touch skin, they connect to the memory. To Minah, communication is not just about the language, like Korean and English. The communication is a connection between one and the other, as if holding hands to hands under the water, through paying attention to memory and emotion.